TEG Solutions, LLC is your single source for all of your dehydration and TEG recycling needs. Our Process Specialists will analyze and pinpoint the area of concern within your dehydration system and our experienced Technicians will work with you to determine and implement the best solutions to your dehydration problems.

Tri-Ethylene Glycol (TEG) Recycling

TEG Recycling UnitTEG Solutions, LLC specializes in Tri-Ethylene Glycol (TEG) recycling. Either replacement or recycling is necessary as your glycol becomes entrained with impurities such as hydrocarbons, scale and chlorides. These impurities inhibit the glycol from absorbing the water moisture out of the natural gas. As this patented recycling process takes place your glycol is returned back to between 97% and 99% pure TEG. We recycle used glycol via online slipstream or offline bulk recycling. With this service, we will provide glycol analysis as well as treating chemicals (i.e. pH buffer, anti-foam, etc.).

Dehydrator Maintenance

TEG Solutions provides various services, including: chemical solution cleaning and manual removal of components, tuning, and repair of the following natural gas production equipment: Glycol and Amine, Boilers, Tubes, Burners, Contactors, Separators, Still Columns, Pumps, Condensers, and Exchangers.

We provide the following replacement parts: Controls, Pumps, Filters, Packing, Gauges, and Instrumentation.

We also provide installation of new dehydration units and condensers, monitor systems for optimization and offer additional system components and upgrades.

Comprehensive Glycol Analysis

We offer a comprehensive glycol analysis comprised of (1) lean and (1) rich sample. Once interpreted, the analysis is a crucial diagnostic tool in preventive maintenance and troubleshooting as well as an in-depth view of the workings and process of your dehydration unit.

Glycol analysis, as part of a pro-active maintenance program, often allows operations the time to determine the origin and source of liquid carryover (both oil and saltwater) before expensive chemical and/or manual cleaning becomes a necessity. Some of the warning signs to be aware of: glycol loss, glycol foaming, high pipeline dew points, early pump failure and corrosion.

Training Schools

Basic Flow Pattern

On-Site Training

We have technicians that can provide on-site training with operators and monitor dehydration systems for optimization and upgrades.

We will spend 2 days in the classroom, where your personnel will gain valuable hands on education. We also provide site specific training at one of your field location. Our Dehydration Training has over 100 slides of diagrams & photos pertaining to gas dehydration and includes a 20 page reference booklet for each attendee.

Training Course Topics

Course Topics Covered: Glycol Flow Patterns, Equipment Components, Mechanical Devices, Glycol Chemical Imbalances, Recording Information, Pro-Active Maintenance, Fuel Gas Reduction / Conservation, Problem Solving / Trouble-Shooting and Field Assessments.

A Look Inside the Dehydration Unit

Condenser Services

We are a preferred distributor and vendor for JATCO, Inc. to supply and install all BTEX components.

TEG Solutions provides environmental protection equipment such as: Environmental Tanks, BTEX Eliminator Systems, Vapor Recovery Units and VOC Fired Glycol Heaters. We also provide parts, training and trouble-shooting for your new or current equipment. This equipment is second to none when it comes to cost-effective environmental solutions.  We now offer all of these great items at the same price as buying direct but with an added bonus. When you purchase your equipment through TEG Solutions, you receive reduced pricing on installation and you will also save money on delivery of the equipment.

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